Although Penny’s original degree was in music (Goldsmiths College), she gradually gravitated to the business side of the industry, working at EMI Records for many years. Here she became head of one of the business affairs departments and took the qualifications necessary to become a lawyer. In the mid nineties she moved on to one of the top London entertainment firms, The Simkins Partnership, before starting her own firm in 2001. With over 20 years in the business, she is able to bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to her clients.


Penny Ganz says “What I like about running my own firm is the ability to tailor my work to my clients’ needs and budgets. I have a small overhead, which means that fees can be kept at a reasonable level, without compromising standards of quality. I really enjoy making things work for my clients, and partly because I am not part of a large structure, am able to conduct deals very efficiently.”

Fair play and sound ethics are also an important part of the firm’s ethos. Penny takes a strong interest in music, whilst not straying from her role of lawyer and professional advisor.